Lucky Owl Photography | About


I'm Caytlin.   I am the owner and photographer for Lucky Owl Photography.

lets talk about me...

I have lived in Ohio and Michigan.

I have a sassy 4 year old daughter.

I love the big city.  Chicago is my favorite!

My first job was Cold Stone Creamery.

I went to college for photography. 

My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.

I'm a pretty good waterskier.

I ride a 89' Kawasaki Stand up Jet Ski for fun.

My favorite movie series is Pirates of the Caribbean.

I also love the Twilight Series.

I love the outdoors.  Mostly the woods and the lakes.

I dislike styrofoam and chalk.

I love to travel and go vacations!  

I have photographed a wedding in Jamaica and have done sessions all over Michigan!

I have photographed the Northern Lights...from Michigan...but I'd love to see them from Alaska!

My favorite clients to work with are couples.

My favorite place to shoot is in the woods.

Photography is not just my career, it's my life!